Beneficiaries list of NFSA 2013
Food, Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department is a composite Department with the status of both Secretariat and Directorate. Hon’ble Minister, F.S. & C.W. is Minister in charge of the Department. Commissioner-Cum-Secretary to Government is Secretary charge of the Department.  Secretary of the Department also functions as the Director, Food Supplies and Controller of Supplies. The following is the of the Department.
List of officers
Commissioner-Cum- Secretary, F.S & C.W. Department.
Additional Secretary.
Addl. Secretary, Director Consumer Welfare and Controller, Legal Metrology.
F.A-cum-Joint Secretary (Vacant)
Under Secretary.
Deputy Director-cum-Under Secretary, F.S & C.W. Department.
AFA-cum-Under Secretary
In addition the following Gazetted Officers are working in the Department under the Director of Food Supplies.
Deputy Director, (F.S.)
Asst. Director(QC),
A.D (F.S)
Asst. Director (M.I)
At the District level, the Civil Supplies Administration is under the administrative control of Collectors, who are assisted by the following Gazetted and Non-Gazetted staff.
Civil Supplies Officer - 30
Asst. Civil Supplies Officer - 132
Marketing Intelligence Officer - 9
Marketing Intelligence Supervisor - 11
Inspector of Supplies - 475
Marketing Intelligence Inspector - 23
The following Gazetted and Non-Gazetted staff are working in the field offices under the administrative control of this Department.
Deputy Controller, Legal Metrology - 1
Assistant Controller, Legal Metrology - 13
Sr. Inspector, Legal Metrology - 58
Inspector Legal Metrology - 50
Asst. Director, Quality Control - 1
Analyst - 1
Asst. Analyst - 4